It is very obvious in my mind that there will be a lot of disagreement with my ideas, etc.  But I offer (s)he who disagrees with me this bit of information: If the reality that one chooses to believe is truly whole and complete than it should be able to withstand the onslaught of opposition that I present here.  If not, than I question his/her choice of reality.  Realize this at this present moment, that to read this and never question one's own reality is to know that the reality that one has chosen to believe is wrong and that one is not willing to face that fact.  And that's a sad shame because it becomes a crime against one's self.  To trap one's self in a made up world that only exists in that one's mind.  Truth is that the reality that really exists will continue to exist and is not compromised by one's ignorance and/or arrogance.  Because the mere fact is this:  Our planet is dying.  The same planet that is the reason we are here.  If it does not exist, we do not exist in this physical matter reality.  We are one in the same.  Her loss is ours and vice versa.  Yet we continue to Forsake our planet by polluting it, we continue to Forsake each other and not seeing beyond the illusions that comprise one's pride for his/her country or clan or state or race, etc. or one's greed for money and material possessions.  We are all the same, we are all Human Beings and to think otherwise is to make up an illusory reality in one's mind. And that is why this site is called Forsaken, because we have all been Forsaken in one way or another by either corporations or our institutions and all for money. Then we turn around and Forsake each other by listening to such institutions, etc. and not listening to our hearts. If WE are going down, it will be because WE DID IT TO OURSELVES.